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Bidding and buying online is easy. Please follow the steps listed to register your online bidder account. 

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Step One 

Become Registered! 

Visit our Upcoming Auctions page to view upcoming online auctions. To create your free online bidder account, click "Bid Online." If you have already created an account, click login to log back into your account. 

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Step Two 

Request to Bid! 

Once you are logged into your account, Request to Bid and Accept the Terms & Conditions. Once you have requested to bid, please wait as an admin from Tri-County Auction will approve your bid request. 

Note: It is required that you accept the Terms and Conditions for every sale. 

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Step Three 

Place a bid! 

Once you find the equipment you'd like to bid on, simply click "Place Bid."

You'll be able to place a bid at the current minimum bid amount or select maximum bid. When you select maximum bid, enter the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item and the system will bid the lowest amount required for you to win up to your maximum amount. 

Remember, by place a bid you are entering a legally binding contract and must be in a position to buy the item. 

Step Four 

Track your bid! 

Be sure to monitor an auction as every item has a scheduled closing date and time. If you are declared the winner of an item, you'll receive an invoice with instructions on how to submit payment and begin planning the pickup of your item. 

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